Hidy ho girlies :) I've been having a sqizz at some patterns and I've decided that maybe a good idea would be to put a smaller selection of pictures up here for you. We need to get cracking on fabric and stuff, so obviously we need to know how much fabric to buy!

Anyway, as you're all having made dresses now, and I know for at least 2 of you all that is required is a style/shape of dress and not an actual pattern, I thought that I'd pop up some different dresses. They do link to their respective pattern page which would give you perhaps a better idea - I know some of the pictures are rubbish!, but it's really just so we know what you want and can get the fabric!

I was trying to find dress shape help but could only find bride-y stuff. This is what I found ( Dress shapes) and hopefully it might help a bit if you're still stuck! Oh, and finally, that colour is going to be a lilac - this will hopefully match the men.