Our Pets

We have lots of little babies now, so they're going to have their own page. If you don't like looking at lots of pictures of animals doing the same stuff, then you don't have to look at them, but I am indulging myself :)


This is our fish Dame Judi Tench - she is a Chocolate Oranda and likes to eat peas.

Unfortunately Judi died whilst we were on holiday. She was a bit poorly and we weren't too shocked. She's gone to play with Moby Tom now.


This is our brand new baby rabbit Felicity - she doesn't have her aka yet, but she will :)


This is our brand new guinea-pig Penelope a.k.a. Kamakaze Nell. She lives with Felicity


This is where Felicity and Penelope live - it is an actual real castle and Howard made it himself. Obviously he couldn't have done it without my supreme direction, but I think he's a genius.

More Babies!

When Nelly decided to dress up as Rudolph :)