N.B. I've flipped these round so I can update from the top!

Us at Kirsty and PC's wedding 11/9/05

(with my turqoise hair)

Kirsty and PC at their wedding. They are beautiful. FACT.

We went to Blackpool for Helen's 5th 21st birthday.

Me and Howard...

...Helen and Niv...

...and Stella came too ;)


This is Viggo. He's Cecilia and Sean's ickle boy and he's one.

New Gay Pride Hair


We went to see Erasure at the beginning of March and it was fab!

Andy - Ave Maria

Tried to get a picture of Andy in his blue pants but the glare from his naked body was a bit too much for the old camera!!

Fab hair!

Ruddington Pub Crawl - 12/02/2005

rest coming soon!