Westbury School

Key Stage 3



Key Stage 3 have been using the Zoombinis Logical Journey© to develop skills, not only in ICT, but in many other areas. The Zoombinis programmes can help develop maths problem solving, reasoning, predictions, puzzle solving strategies, plus skills in algebra, statistics and making comparisons.


In Zoombinis players must create and save small blue creatures called Zoombinis. They they have to guide the Zoombinis to Zoombiniville via several mathematical puzzles. Players have to test hypotheses and complete challenges in order to succeed and get all their Zoombinis through. Once their first lot are safe, players must return to the start and guide another lot through.

There is a wide range of resources available to complement the games themselves and the Zoombinis Logical Journey is an excellent way for pupils to extend their skills across the curriculum, especially for those with learning difficulties.

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